Zoë Binetti

aka love

2020, MP4, one-shot video, 24'50'', stereo

aka love was created during the lockdown 2020, at Sinnestheater Studio Bern

if you can, please watch in full screen, highest possible resolution and with headphones or speakers

The structure, choreography, installations and music of aka love
were built and composed in my studio over the course of seven weeks.

We filmed aka love on the 29th of May 2020 as a single shot, we did four takes. What you see is take four.

My way of working relies heavily on the morphing relationships that form between
material, sound, emotion and imagination when moving in a space in which our bodies are present.
The decisions taken for this film are responsive to the question what might be the opportunities of having to translate this for a 2D place.

They allowed me a more specific inquiry into details,
to choreograph the path of the eye and to think of the whole space as a
musical instrument - all the sounds you hear in this film where recorded
live from various sources in the room and mixed in the post-production.

aka love is about working and being with the threads between us
thanks for being on the other side of the thread

special thanks to
Julia Moa Caprez for unconditional artist solidarity
Christian de Sousa for Nu-Movements online and ecstasyradio.net