Alexander Smith

Score Samples:

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Augenblicke (In der Isolation...), composed by Alexander M. Smith, is a work for 2 percussionists and motion controlled electronics. Throughout the piece are various hidden (and not so hidden) "moments" that have been the most important and influential musical moments of my life, or the exact opposite. From pop, contemporary, and classical music, all of these moment have led me to ultimately find myself composing this piece, completely isolated in a basement in Slovenia.

The electronics consist of 6 infrared sensors, controlled by an Arduino UNO3, attached to 6 individual loudspeakers. All of the electronic sounds are produced by triggering the sensors and controlling the sounds by vertical motion toward or away from the sensors. Various parameters of the produced sounds, such as volume, pitch, and speed, are then manipulated based on the vertical motion of the performer's hand.

The selected "moments" are meant to exist in isolation from the actual composition itself, having nothing to do with the existing composed instrumental material passing by. Conversely, the composition cannot exist without the support of the moments themselves. The performers do not interact with one another outside of the sensors, which require no physical contact. The performers are also isolated within their own setup, sharing a boarder with one another, yet separated by a physical barrier; ironically being the focal point of the entire work.

Video and audio editing, mixing, and mastering by Alexander Smith

Jodo IV is a piece for solo marimba and 8 channel speakers surrounding the audience. Using the IRCAM virtual speaker spatialisation software, "Spat," I have reprocessed the electronics into 84 individual points to reproduce the 8-speaker surround sound effect for binaural listening through virtual spatialisation and filtering. Additionally, the marimba recording is spatialised to be directly in front of the listener, thus producing the effect of a stationary instrument with the accompaniment of circular moving sound.

Video and audio editing, mixing, and mastering by Alexander Smith

Nežka Prosenjak & Alexander Smith perform the 2nd movement for two marimbas from Philippe Manoury's Le livre des claviers.

Video and audio editing, mixing, and mastering by Alexander Smith